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THE INVISIBLE INFANTA (Released November 2012)
Although a princess, Maria de Trastamara knows about living on the fringes and being the odd one out. Her parents are the famous Isabella and Ferdinand, her brother and sisters have had their futures mapped out since infancy, but she has been forgotten. Then she meets Juan de Castilla, an Indian who'd returned to Spain with Christopher Columbus in 1493,  and suddenly she has something that is hers alone. But these are difficult and dangerous times, and even at Court there is always the dark threat of the Inquisition. Can Maria and Juan's friendship survive when tragedy propels Maria out of the shadows, forcing her to choose between friendship and family, love and duty... link here. link here.

A HOUSE DIVIDED (Expected 2013)
The story you know: in 1503, Elizabeth of York dies. Henry VII needs more heirs, and his eye falls on his widowed daughter-in-law, the seventeen year old Katharine of Aragon. Her parents protest vehemently and she's betrothed to the future Henry VIII instead, but has to endure a further six years of humiliation on the fringes of the English court before becoming Katharine, Queen of England. 
What might have been: Horrified by the mere suggestion that Katharine should marry the ageing English king, Isabella of Castile demands the return of her youngest daughter to Spain without delay. When her beloved mother dies, Katharine—once again the Infanta Catalina—finds herself caught in the struggle for power that threatens to tear both her family and her native Castile apart. Will she side with her devious father or fragile sister Juana, now Queen of Castile? Can she ever fulfil her destiny as Queen of England?

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